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Dr. Deva Khalsa began practicing and studying many different holistic modalities immediately after graduating veterinary school. She traveled all over the world to study with the best. She was initially taught acupuncture by a Chinese acupuncturist who  had treated the top politico in Russia. She studied, in England, with George MacCleod- a renowned homeopathic veterinarian who wrote numerous books. She was a Fellow of and a Professor of Homeopathy at the British Institute of Homeopathy for many years. She  lectured at Oxford at the first International Homeopathic Veterinary Conference as well as at many veterinary conferences, veterinary schools and clubs. Dr. Khalsa is certified in acupuncture, prolotherapy, homeopathy, NAET, JMT and numerous other holistic modalities. She has been in practice for almost 40 years.

Her Approach

Knowledgeably applied, effective holistic modalities create a healthier and wiser body.  The drugs being used for allergies in our dogs and cats are weakening and destroying their immune systems. Dr. Khalsa knows what has to be done to handle allergies, itching and GI problems in dogs and cats. These approaches have been effective for nearly 4 decades. The proof is in the pudding. irritable bowel syndrome allergy

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Why Allergy Elimination 4 Pets

First of all, it's safe, natural, non-toxic and effective.  It works by reprograming the immune system to its original and healthy state. 

Why do expensive allergy testing just so you can avoid food when you can do the Allergy Elimination 4 Pets which checks out what your pet is allergic to and then provides a treatment to rid your pet of allergies.

Conventional treatments for allergies often requires a life time of medication. This can be expensive, but more importantly, they're not healthy for your pets.  They don't work to cure the allergy, they simply suppress it.  It's like pulling the fuse in your car that goes to the low oil light thinking that it's a fix. Allergy Elimination 4 Pets works over 90% of the time and it is inexpensive and a one time program that lasts a little more than a month and you do the treatments for about 5 minutes a day (at home) for that time period.

Treating Allergies at Home with a Consult